Drop Ship Program

Drop Ship Program

Finding a domestic supplier for your Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Website, Brick and Mortar shop from Peru

Finding Products to Sell (Without Shipping Them Yourself)
The biggest advantage for buying from a domestic supplier is the speed of delivery We have offices and warehouse in Denver, CO and offices, warehouse and production facility in Lima-Peru First, the products will be cheaper and there will be a low minimum order. This means you can get started with a much lower outlay of cost. You can start small and build your inventory. We trade with people who are reselling in large volumes through their online websites, Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Event Vendors, Brick and Mortar shops

We are the leading third-party B2B e-commerce sourcing platform from Peru And export source particularly in the area of artisan made products and resort apparel/accessories and gift items It allows independent retailers to succeed by offering new ideas for products. The site encourages aggressive assortment strategies and more flexibility on pricing.

It seemed like such a great idea: You found the ideal niche market, complete with potential customers by the dozens and profit potential galore. Maybe you already found the ultimate location, or you’ve put together a stellar e-commerce site that would even put Amazon.com to shame.

There’s just one problem. You haven’t the foggiest idea where to find all the products you need in order to stock your shelves.

Don’t be dismayed. This scenario happens time and again with new entrepreneurs, and it’s understandable. Even if you come up with a brilliant idea of a product you want to sell, there’s still the tiny detail of finding the actual product. You want to sell XYZ, but you’re wondering, “Where exactly can I get a supply of XYZ to sell-and get it for a fair price?”

The good news is, finding what you need isn’t quite the needle-in-a-haystack task it’s envisioned to be. “My experience is, there are a lot of existing channels used to match up manufacturers and distributors of products.

The concept of product sourcing is one every online retailer needs to understand. If you sell products online, then product sourcing is a critical part of your business. It’s also something you’re already doing, whether or not you realize it. A simple definition of product sourcing is “finding products to resell through your business.” As easy as that sounds, mastering this process can mean the difference between success and failure for your online business.

If you’re just breaking into online retail sales, you might start out sourcing products at yard sales, flea markets, and second-hand shops. But it’s important for you to understand that these “local” product sourcing methods can only take you so far.

Sourcing Techniques Defined
If you plan to build a serious income with your selling, you have to find renewable product sources that can provide you with a constant, stable stream of goods. In other words, you need to source your products from genuine wholesale suppliers. Working with wholesale suppliers also means you’re getting wholesale prices and, therefore, the best-possible profit margins. There are five main product sourcing techniques:

1. Drop Shipping - We at Peruvian Fair Trade store the products you offer on your website. When you make a sale, we ship the product directly to your customer. Your customer pays your retail price, and you pay the drop shipper your wholesale price plus a 22% handling and service fee.

2. Light bulk - You buy products from us at wholesale in small, affordable quantities (under $500). You’re in charge of all aspects of warehousing the products and shipping them to your customers.

3. Volume wholesale - You buy products from our company in large quantities. Again, you’re responsible for handling storage and shipping. You get a volume discount.

4. Importing - You purchase goods from Peruvian Fair Trade in Peru, where production is cheaper, but you must buy a large amount. It ships directly to you from our warehouse in Peru and you margin is larger.

Basic Methods - Pros and Cons
Drop shipping is an excellent method for new sellers to start with. It eliminates any inventory investment, as well as storage or shipping issues, lets you test new items to see how they sell, and enables you to offer products that are hard to carry or ship. You pay Peruvianfairtrade wholesale plus 22%
Once drop shipping reveals products that sell well, you can start buying them in light bulk quantities, to improve your profit margins and gain more control over your inventory. Peruvian Fair Trade is a supplier who will sell in small lots.

Advanced Methods - Pros and Cons
The next three methods aren’t usually best for total beginners. But once you gain some online selling experience, they can be extremely profitable practices. When drop shipping and light bulk identify your really hot sellers, you may consider buying them in large volumes to further increase your profit margins. Volume wholesaling provides you with steep discounts on your fast movers; however, it requires a large investment, and increases your risk of getting stuck with goods you can’t sell.
Another advanced sourcing technique is importing, which allows you to find exciting, cutting-edge products at rock-bottom prices. Importing can spice up your standard product line; but it also means dealing with Customs regulations and long lead times.

The Whole Picture
The ecommerce retailers who experience the most success know not to limit themselves to using only one sourcing method. By taking advantage of the different methods available, you’re able to create a full sourcing strategy that lets you maximize your profits and find the best deals for your online business every single time.

With the world so connected now thanks to the internet, you no longer have to physically go to all over the world to source merchandise from overseas.

Please contact us for additional information on product sourcing, importing, buying services and bulk wholesale from our Denver, Colorado warehouse.

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