Sourcing & Buyer Procurement from Peru

Sourcing & Buyer Services

We are an established producer and sourcing agent in Peru since 1998

We own our production plant, workshop and warehouse with offices in Lima-Peru. Our plant houses over 100 artisans and personnel dedicated to the crafting and manufacturing of the products we export. Every week we ship cargo around the globe. We customize, private label, custom package and develop products for our customers.

We locate, negotiate, purchase and export products to clients worldwide. We have a quality control department as well as product development and marketing personnel in house. Logistics to export and distribute cargo through the 48 US Continental states and Canada.

We have a very good reputation and record with three major airlines, Peruvian Customs and export agents over 24 years in Peru. We are recognized as a seasoned exporter in Peru’s exporter’s association (ADEX). We also have offices in the United States (Denver) that guarantee prompt delivery of your orders and ensure accuracy and import logistics at low cost. We are committed in being Peru’s best sourcing options making it easier and secure to order your custom made or Peruvian artisan products online.

We are a solution for businesses of all sizes procuring and sourcing products for organizations, online retail, brick and mortar, marketplace distribution or dropship logistics. Give us a call at 303-308-1888 for more information or write to