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We work on price, freight and import quotes from our Denver office

If a new product is developed or a stock product is made or purchased for our clients we ensure the lowest price and shipping is quoted. Typically 3-4 days are needed to quote product and freight/import pricing. If packaging, private labeling and tags as well as custom product is created we may need additional time.

Generally we quote by case, box, bundle at wholesale bulk pricing FOB Peru and add freight, Brokerage and Customs clearance to that. If additional services are requested such as distribution of domestic shipping and handling of cargo is needed we also may provide those services.

Generally we have negotiated cargo for 100 Kilo (220LBS) cargo boxes. Our customers must consolidate their orders to accommodate that minimum weight and volume. We do not export food items, perishables, very fragile or any item that is illegal or banned in a destination country.

Minimum orders are $600 and may be shipped via Peruvian Postal Service (SERPOST) if orders are that small. We do not have preferential pricing for packages that are under 100 kilo and published rates must be paid. Transit times vary via mail services as opposed as airline services which typically are 6-7 days from port to port. Quoted prices are good for 30 days.